November 12, 2023

A business tour in Chad to follow up on Arab Contractors projects

Within the framework of following up on the projects implemented by the company abroad and commissioned by Eng. Ahmed El Assar – CEO & Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Heba Abu Al Ela –Board Member of the Arab Contractors Company, visited the company’s branch in Chad, to follow up on the company’s projects, which include road and bridge works. The tour included an inspection of many projects in the capital, N'Djamena, and outside it. Eng. Mohammed El Qiaay - Head of the sector supervising Chad branch, and Eng. Yousry Abdel Razek – Manager of the company's branch, received and accompanied AC Board Member on the tour, which lasted 3 days and included a visit to Alexandria University branch in N’Djamena. The project includes 2 faculties of veterinary medicine and agriculture; their implementation rate has reached 82.5%, and the finishing work is ongoing. The delegation also inspected the work site of a 500-meter-long bridge in the city of Batha, which is 35 km away from the city of Abha, and another 500-meter bridge 80 km away from the city of Bateeha. The Board Member of the Arab Contractors Company and her companions also visited Abeche – Abou Goulem road project, 95 km long and 10 m wide, which is being implemented by the branch, where they inspected the various works and the site of the crushers, as the road includes 220 industrial works in addition to 8 bridges. The company delegation visited the new road project linking the two cities of Mongo and Abudia, which is 400 km away from the city of Abeche, where the company is implementing a 63 km long road that also includes industrial works and 2 bridges. Eng. Heba Abu Al Ela, conveyed the greetings of Eng. Ahmed El Assar – CEO & Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, to all employees and asked the employees to continue working hard to implement the company’s projects with the required quality and in accordance with the time schedule, within the framework of the great trust that the Arab Contractors Company gained in Chad. During the meetings and visits, the implementation status of all projects was followed up, those responsible for the time schedule were discussed, and the provision of all the required equipment and resources to continue working on the projects according to the time schedule was emphasized.