September 19, 2023

The Moroccan media praises the solidarity of the Arab Contractors Company in reopening the tracks and roads damaged by the earthquake

BTP Moroccan News Website: Officials and local residents express their deep appreciation and welcome the initiative led by the Arab Contractors Company. BTP website published that following the earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday, September 8, 2023, the Arab Contractors, a specialist in construction in Africa, in particular its sector in Morocco which has been established since 1998, decided to contribute, in its own way, to this surge of solidarity, through emergency operations to reopen the tracks and roads damaged by the earthquake. The website stated that this initiative falls within the framework of the citizenship approach pursued by the Arab Contractors Company for the benefit of the brotherly Moroccan people and is based on an urgent decision by its Board of Directors and its CEO, who gave immediate instructions to the Arab Contractors Company branch in Morocco to deploy its human capacity and resources necessary for this solidarity operation. On site, particularly in Ouirgane, the mobilization and commitment of the Arab Contractors team, supervised by the head of the sector, Eng. Mohamed Gomaa, contributed, with the officials on site, to cleaning up the rubble, dust, and other stone blocks that blocked the paths and roads that serve a group of villages. The Moroccan media explained that the Arab Contractors Company was quick to provide its knowledge and experience in everything directly or indirectly related to the damage resulting from the earthquake, all under the sign of solidarity with brotherly Morocco, which is still suffering from the shock of the devastating earthquake. The website said in a report: Unanimously, officials and local residents expressed their strong appreciation and welcomed this initiative led by the Arab Contractors Company, which strongly demonstrated its great benefit, especially in a more closed environment following the earthquake and where the main works to open paths and road axes were more urgent and a priority to save human lives.