September 8, 2023

The Minister of Transport is following up on the trial run of the second part of CML3-Phase3 and is reassured of its readiness for the presidential inauguration 

The Minister of Transport is following up on the trial run without passengers of the second part of the third phase of the third line and is reassured of its readiness from Kit Kat to Rod Al-Farag for the presidential inauguration during the coming period. Lieutenant General Eng. Kamel El Wazir - Minister of Transport, accompanied by the head and leaders of the National Authority for Tunnels, conducted an inspection tour of Cairo Metro Line 3—Phase 3, where the Minister of Transport continued the trial run of the second part of CML3—Phase 3 (which started last May) on one of the trains of metro line 3, as this part extends at a length of 6.6 km and includes 6 stations (1 underground station (Sudan) 4 elevated stations: Imbaba - El Bohy – El Qawmia El Arabia, and the Ring Road, at-ground level station: the final station at Rod El Farag Axis.The tour was attended by Eng. Hossam El Din El Rifi - Senior Vice-Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, one of the JV companies implementing the project, Eng. Sayed El Wazir – AC Board Member; Eng. Mahmoud El Sharnoubi, and Eng. Hassan Ibraheem - the Executive Board Members; Eng. Salam Rashad – Manager of the Electromechanical Projects Department for Public Buildings and Utilities; Eng. Hisham Ali - the Executive Board Member and Manager of 6th of October Monorail Project; and Eng. Tarek Safi El Din- Supervisor of October Monorail Stations Project Management.The minister reassured the readiness of this part for the presidential inauguration during the coming period, as all systems are currently being tested in it, such as (lighting - air conditioning - ventilation -...) to ensure their validity and achieve full integration between them. Also, trains are running to carry out dynamic tests for them to ensure the safety and security of all components of the project in preparation for its operation for passengers during the coming period.The Minister of Transport also inspected the stations in the second part of phase 3 and the finishing work and final installations for electromechanical equipment, signals, communications, and ticket machines.The Minister was briefed on the progress in the implementation rates of the third part of CML3-Phase 3 (3C), which extends 7.1 km from Kit Kat station to Cairo University, passing through Wadi El Nil Street, Gameat El Dewal, and Boulak El Dakrour, and includes 5 stations [3 underground stations (El Tawfikia– Wadi El Nile – Gameat El Dewal), Boulak station, and Cairo University station, which are 2 elevated stations.It is worth mentioning that CML3-Phase 3 extends for a length of 17.7 km and includes 15 stations, from Attaba Station to Kit Kat Square, heading north to Imbaba, reaching the Ring Road, and branching south to Mohandseen and Boulak El Dakrour, passing through Wadi El Nile Street and Gameat El Dewal, and then extending to Cairo University. It is implemented in three parts. In October 2022, the first part of it was opened with a length of 4 km and 4 underground stations, which achieved, with its opening, the exchange of passenger transport service between the third and first lines of the metro.

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