August 2, 2023

Arab Contractors and Viking Company sign a contract to manufacture new floating hotels

Eng. Ahmed El Assar – CEO andChairman of the Arab Contractors Company, stated that the company signed acontract with Viking Company to manufacture 4 new floating hotels, andindicated that the new units will operate between Luxor and Aswan to serve thetourism sector in Egypt, which is witnessing great support and interest fromthe political leadership, and is encouraged by the Egyptian government topromote foreign investment in Egypt due to its positive impact on developing theeconomy. He added that the increasing tourist demand for Egypt is evidence ofits distinction with many capabilities including the floating hotels as one ofits pillars.

Eng. Ayman Attia – AC Board Memberpointed out that the manufacturing of floating hotels will take place in theriverine Maasara Shipyard and marine Ismailia Shipyard, which belong to the ArabContractors Company.

Eng. Khaled Eissa – ExecutiveBoard Member, and Eng. Ahmed Eissa – Head of Manufacturing Sector, added thatthe new floating hotels consist of 4 floors with dimensions (72 x 14.5 x 13)meters, and they are considered one of the latest international designs infloating hotels in the Nile River. It was designed and implemented inaccordance with the latest energy-saving, environmentally friendly shipbuildingtechnology and the requirements of the supervision of Lloyd's Register and the EgyptianNile Valley Authority for River Navigation.

The contract was signed by Mr.Sherif El Banna from Viking Company, and Eng. Osama El Desouki – Manager ofMassara Shipyard  from the ArabContractors Company who declared that the work will be implemented in parallel tobe completed on time.

It is worth noting that the ArabContractors has a great history in the manufacture of floating hotels andrestaurants, and in carrying out integrated maintenance works for river units.

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