July 31, 2022

Transport Minister follows up on progress of 1st line of High Speed Rail

Transport Minister Eng. Kamel El Wazir, accompanied by the heads of the Tunnels, Roads and Bridges Authority, project consultants and heads of companies carrying out the first line of the High Speed Rail network project (Ain Soukhna / El Alamein / Matrouh / Fayoum) surveyed the distance from Helwan to the New Administrative Capital with a length of about 52 km . The tour began by monitoring the implementation rates of the South Helwan Bridge on the Nile from Al-Tebeen Road (extension of the Nile Corniche) to the Cairo-Aswan Agricultural Road with a length of 2.52 km and a width of 13.66 m and an extension with a width of 28.66 m. The wilderness is 1.58 km long. The Minister then inspected the Cairo station in the Helwan area, which serves the city of Helwan, the city of 15 May, and all areas south of Cairo, which is east of the Nile. The Transport Minister followed the implementation of the railway bridge and industrial works (bridges –culverts) in the distance from the Cairo station to the Naguib axis station, then the minister reviewed the progress of the rates of implementation of the Mohamed Naguib station, which serves the areas of Qatameya, New Cairo and the new urban areas located south of Ain Soukhna Road. See what has been done at the central station (Capital Station), which is an interchange station with LRT and is considered a hub for the various modes of transportation that arrive in the Administrative Capital and mainly serves the New Administrative Capital and Sports City, as well as all new cities in eastern Cairo by replacing it with LRT is one of the largest stations in the east, with an area of more than 1100000 m2 with car parking areas and commercial area. During his tour, the Minister inspected the work of implementing the railway bridge, which includes earthworks, foundation works, industrial works, and slope concrete, which protects the sides of the bridge; and making every effort to complete the implementation of the transportation project in light of the great renaissance witnessed by this sector during his reign. The Minister of Transport emphasized the need to work hard and work around the clock to complete the implementation of the project on time, especially given the importance of this project, which is one of the pillars of the High Speed Rail network system under construction and represents a new civilized change in the way of transportation in Egypt. The Minister pointed out that the High Speed Rail project is a great epic implemented by the main Egyptian companies, and President Abdel Fattah El Sisi ordered the inauguration of the first line of (Ain Soukhna / El Alamein / Matrouh / Fayoum) High Speed Rail project on November 7, pointing out that the projects are currently inaugurated when The reasons for its success will be achieved, because at this time most of the bridges and stations from Soukhna to the New Administrative Capital, to Helwan will be completed, and the JV of Siemens, the Arab Contractors, and Orascom began to lay poles, electric cables and rails, pointing out that there are negotiations with Siemens, that there should be at least 40 km 15 or 20 km before the Administrative Capital station and 20 or 25 km after it until the Mohamed Naguib station, all the work should be completed at that time. There is ongoing negotiation with Siemens to start providing the first train at this time, to launch that project instead of starting to provide the first trains in mid-2023. It is noteworthy that the first line of the project for the electric high-speed train (Ain Soukhna – El Alamein – Matrouh – Fayoum), has a length of 660 km, and includes 22 stations. In connecting the New Administrative Capital and the new cities with the railway network to transport passengers and goods in a fast, modern and safe way of transportation, as it will start from the city of Ain Soukhna on the coast of the Red Sea to the new city of Alamein, passing through the New Administrative Capital, the 6 October City and the city of Borg El Arab. The High Speed Rail, which will cover all parts of the Republic, besides being development arteries serving new and existing urban and industrial areas, will help reduce and shorten travel time between governorates in more in half the time that citizens currently do, either through the old rail network or through the existing roads that connect the governorates. It also facilitates transportation of goods between ports and governorates and shortens the time period for transporting these goods.