October 18, 2020

Minister of Transport inspects the implementation rate of LRT (El Salam – New Administrative Capital)

Eng. Kamel El Wazeer – Minister of Transport inspected the implementation rate of LRT (El Salam – New Administrative Capital – 10 Ramadan City). This was in the presence of Dr. Essam Wali – Head of National Authority for Tunnels, authority’s officials, Eng. Sayed Farouk – CEO and President of the Arab Contractors Company which participating in the implementation of the station, Eng. Ahmed El Assar - Senior Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, AC’s Board Members: Eng. Eman Soliman, Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk, Eng. Ahmed Shawki –Commercial Manager, Eng. Hassan Ibrahim – Manager of JVs Department and Eng. Abdel Hay Badawi – Deputy Manager of Bridges Department and Project Manager of Adly Mansour Interchange Station. The AC is carrying out 3 stations: (Adly Mansour – New Heliopolis – El Roubiki), in addition to a bridge in the New Administrative Capital and a tunnel at New Heliopolis Station.
The tour started with the visit of Adly Mansour interchange central station which includes a full-service transport complex and a commercial investment zone on a total area of 15 feddans. It will connect five different modes of transportation countrywide: the 3rd metro line, a station for the LRT, a railway station (Cairo-Suez), a SuperJet station, and Bus Rapid Transit “BRT” (Adly Mansour – El Salam).
Then, the Minister reviewed the implementation rates for the station and the bridge of the LRT. The total rate for the construction works reached 62% of the target, 46.5% for the bridge works, 82% of tunneling works, 35% of railway bridge work and 60% of the construction of the maintenance workshop.
The Minister emphasized on the importance of working around the clock according to the project’s schedule. All work should be carried out according to the highest quality, as this is a major project vital to the development of the new cities.

He declared that this line guarantees speedy transportation between Cairo and the new cities (Obour – Mostakbal – Shorouk – New Heliopolis – Badr – Industrial Zone - 10th of Ramadan –New Administrative Capital). He added that pilot operation is scheduled to start on August 2021 and the operation will be on October 2021. He pointed out that the project length is 90km with a total of 16 stations, and the transportation capacity of the LRT is 30,000 passengers/hour/direction, with a total of 500,000 passengers daily.
The Minister visited the route’ sectors of the Monorail of the New Administrative Capital which extends for 56.5km length, and has 22 stations. It will be carried out in 2 phases; the 1st phase extends from the workshop location to the station of Al Mosheer Mosque with a length of 45km. the 2nd phase extends from Al Mosheer Mosque station to Stadium Station with 11.5km length. He added that the total length of the 2 monorails of 6 October City and New Administrative Capital is 98.5km. The project is carried out by a JV of (Bombardier – Orascom Construction – The Arab Contractors Company).

The Minister of Transport explored the route of the LRT (Al Ain Al Sokhna – Al Alamein). Its length is 438.3km and has 17 stations from New Administrative Capital to South Helwan. He pointed out that the first priority for the implementation of this project will be from the New Administrative Capital to Borg El Arab with 260km length. The second priority will be from Borg El Arab to New Al Alamein City; then the direction from Borg El Arab to Alexandria with 88.3km length in synchronization with the implementation of the work area from New Administrative Capital to Al Ain Al Sokhna extends for 90km, with total lengths 178.3km.