October 1, 2020

Eng. Sayed Farook meets with Aswan Governor to follow up the company projects

Eng. Sayed Farook – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company met with Gen. Ashraf Attia – Aswan Governor at the beginning of his tour to explore the status of the company’s project in Aswan. The governor congratulated Eng. Sayed Farook for his chairmanship of the board of directors wishing him success. Then, Eng. Sayed visited New Aswan projects, alternative axis for Aswan reservoir and the regional eastern road, in order to follow up the workflow and the amount of achievement that motivates workers to work efficiently with high quality in the scheduled time for implementation.
At the beginning of the visit, AC Chairman, Eng. Alaa Abdel Aziz – Assistant of the Deputy of the Head of the New Urban Communities Authority, Eng. Ahmed Rashad – Head of New Aswan City Authority inspected number of the projects in New Aswan as: River Strip Project and the construction of villas overlooking the Nile. This was in the presence of Eng. Samir Saad Allah – Head of Upper Egypt and Red Sea Sectors and Member of the Executive Board, Eng. El Sayed El Ansary – Head of Sectors for Upper Egypt and Red Sea Branches, Dr. Maher Abdel Tawab – Manager of South Valley Branch, Eng. Yasser Mahsoub – Assiut Branch Manager.
 The River Strip Project is about infrastructure works upon 181 feddans for the 1st phase. It includes utilities and networks for water, wastewater, irrigation and electricity, landscaping, retaining walls with an estimated cost 270 million EGP. The project comprises 3 pedestrians’ bridges, Nile Park extends for 6km which consists of shops, recreational areas, restaurants, and open-air theater accommodates 4000 persons. The visit includes the construction project of 63 villas overlooking the Nile and fully finished. Each villa consists of 3 floors (a ground floor 2 higher floors) with a private garden and car park. In addition to number of shops, green areas, kids area, 6 swimming pools, tourist walkway and bicycles walkway.
The AC is implementing number of projects in cooperation with New Aswan Authority consists of the utilities construction for 600 feddans includes the networks of roads, wastewater and irrigation, the implementation of the electricity network for 20 feddans with an estimated cost 300 million EGP, the building of the traffic unit with a cost of 64 million EGP which includes the technical inspection area, the vehicle reservation office, Registrar Prosecution Office, Compulsory Insurance Office and Troop Spread Wards. Besides, the construction of water purification plant (2nd phase) with a capacity of 25000m3/day and estimated cost 168 million EGP. It consists of a ground tank, sludge building, the integrated unit building and the thickener building.
The following day, Eng. Sayed Farook visited the alternative axis for Aswan reservoir that the company is implementing its second sector. It consists of concrete bridge on the Nile; it consists of 14 axes, with 676m length and 29m width. It has 3 lanes on each side and the opening of the navigation of 180m. Eng. Sayed Farook listened to an explanation from Eng. Hassan Moustafa – Head of Bridges and Foundation Sector, Eng. Anas El Sagheir – Deputy Manager of Bridges Department and Eng. Moustafa Gomaa – Project Manager about the executive status of the project. Currently, there are ongoing works related to piling, bases and preparation of precast beams.

The cost of the alternative axis for Aswan reservoir reached 1.6 billion EGP; its total length is 5.4km, width 29m with 3 lanes in each direction. It consists of 3 industrial works (2 bridges – a tunnel). The bridge on the Nile is 2050m length. In addition to theses, there is the tunnel and bridge of the Western Desert Road and the road works with 3.3km length. The axis will link between Aswan/Bernis Road with the Western Desert Road (Cairo/Aswan), crossing the River Nile and link with Aswan/ Abu Simbel.
Eng. Sayed Farook finalized his tour by visiting the Eastern Regional Road in Aswan, it is a concrete road connecting Al Alaqi and the cable stayed bridge in Aswan. Its length reached 22km, 15m width, total cost about 480 million and the implementation rate reached 45% till now.

Eng. Sayed Farook listened to an explanation from Eng. Alaa Ahmed Seif El Din – Aswan Area Manager in Upper Egypt Roads Department about the project updates. Then, he met with the leaders of South Valley Branch which is carrying out the projects to follow up the projects’ progress. He listened to a detailed explanation from Dr. Maher Abdel Tawab – Manager of South Valley Branch about the projects and the different accomplishment rate.

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