January 12, 2020

Minister of Antiquities: the inauguration of Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria after its restoration is a message to the world

Dr. Khaled Al Anani – the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities inaugurated Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria which is located in El Nabi Daniel Street, which is one of the most ancient synagogues in Alexandria. Al Anani emphasized that the restoration and development of the synagogue sent a message to the whole world that the Egyptian Government is concerned about the Egyptian heritage throughout the historical periods. This was in the presence of a number of ambassadors from all over the world, Major Gen. Mohammed El Sherief – Alexandria Governor, Dr. Moustafa El Feqy – Manager of Alexandrina Bibliotheca, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company which implemented the restoration works, Dr. Moustafa Wazeery – Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Brigadier Gen. Hesham Samir – Assistant of the Tourism and Antiquities Minister for Engineering Affairs, Dr. Jackleen Azer – Deputy Governor of Alexandria, Sahar Talaat Moustafa - Parliament Member, Eng. Emam Afifi – Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Dr. Gamal Moustafa – Head of Sector for Islamic, Coptic and Jewish Monuments, Eng. Waad Allah Aboul Ella – Head of the Projects Sector in the Ministry, Eng. Tarek Khedr – Head of the Construction and Specialized Works Sector, Eng. Taha Diab – Manager of Monument Restoration Department, deputies of the Manager of the Monument Restoration Department Eng. Tarek Yehia, Eng. Ahmed Osman and Eng. Mohammed Hashem, Eng. Taher El Sherief – Manager of Alexandria Region, Eng. Jackleen Sameer – Projects Manager in Monument Restoration Department, Eng. Ramadan Sobhy – Project Manager and Eng. Ahmed El Ettr – Manager of Equipment Affairs. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities started the restoration plan for the Synagogue which accommodates 700 persons, after a slight collapse due to the impact of the rain. The restoration works carried out by technical teamwork from the Arab Contractors Company specialized in the treatment of the structural elements. The works includes: the restoration of the stained glass, ornaments, wood panels, windows, wood ceilings, structural and architectural restoration works for the building and landscape works, the restoration of the marble and ornamental objects, firefighting systems and sewage networks.