January 5, 2020

The Ministers of Awqaf, Tourism and Antiquities and Cairo Governor inspects the restoration works of El Fath Mosque in Abdeen as preparation for its inauguration

Dr. Moukhtar Gomaa – the Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Khaled Anany - the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Major Gen. Khaled Abdel Aal – Cairo Governor inspects the restoration works of El Fath Mosque in Abdeen Palace. This was in the presence of Dr. Moustafa Wazeery – Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractor Company which is implementing the restoration works, Brigadier Gen. Hesham Samir – Assistant of the Tourism and Aniquities Minister for Engineering Affairs, Dr. Gamal Moustafa – Head of Sector for Islamic, Coptic and Jewish Monuments, Eng. Waad Allah Aboul Ella – Head of the Projects Sector in the Ministry, Eng. Emam Afifi – the Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Tarek Khedr – Head of the Construction and Specialized Works Sector who declared that the restoration works is implemented by the Monuments Restoration Department in cooperation with number of the specialized departments with total value 16 million EGP. He pointed out that the interior works of the mosque includes the marble floors in the mosque’s nave, the restoration and cleaning works for: the marble cladding for walls, the pulpit and niche, all the marble and granite columns in the mosque, the domes vaults from inside and finalizing the ornamental works of the domes. In addition to the installation of the sound system instruments, the internal lighting units and the surveillance cameras. Besides, the exterior works of cleaning the facades and minaret’s stones, the cooper domes in the roof, the floor tiles insulation, installation of stone floors at the general site inside the mosque and at the main entrance, and the completion of the exterior lighting work. It is a noteworthy that the mosque is consisting of a main square and a dome topping it which is the place for praying. This square is annexed to 3 groups of buildings from the west, south and east sides; all these annexes have corridors, hallways and rooms which serving the multi-purpose of the mosque. the main facade of the mosque exists in the west side and overlooks the garden of Abdeen Palace, its height is 15.70m, the royal entrance to the mosque is at the middle of the west facade and the minaret is in the south-eastern corner of the mosque.