September 11, 2019

Lieutenant General Kamel El Wazeer explored the transportation projects in the American Chamber of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce hosted lieutenant General Engineer Kamel El Wazeer – the Minister of Transport in a seminar to highlight the great exerted efforts in all the sectors of the ministry. This was in the presence of Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Sayed Farouk – Senior Vice Chairman of the AC, Eng. Emam Afify – Vice Chairman of the AC, Mr. Hossam El Din Imam– Vice Chairman of the AC, Engineers Tarek Sakr and Ahmed El Assar – AC Board Members and Eng. Mofida Allam - the Roads Consultant in the AC and Supervisor of the Laboratory Sector. Dr. Sherif Kamel –President of the American Chamber of Commerce welcomed the Minister of Transport and point out the importance of the transportation sector in Egypt within the governmental strategic plan 2030 and the great achievements of the ministry. In his speech, the Minister of Transport declared that the ministry is in a race against time regarding the implementation of projects in all sectors, adopts a policy of openness and cooperation with all companies and institutions and working within a vision based upon achieving the sustainable development not only transporting passengers. The Minister of Transport praised the Egyptian companies which is strongly contributed in the mega national projects as the Arab Contractors Company which participated in the projects of Suez Canal Tunnels, Tahya Masr Bridge, currently the AC, through a JV, is implementing Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 4 which end by Adly Mansour Station. He referred to the monorails project of the New Administrative Capital and 6 October which the AC is contributing in its execution through a great JV. Lieutenant General Engineer Kamel El Wazeer declared that the national project of roads added 7000km since 30th June 2014, we have 23.500 km before which means that one third of the total roads in Egypt were added. He pointed out that the ministry adopts the construction of concrete roads in the heavy loads roads due to the availability of the local cement and iron consequently saving the imports from bitumen. The Minister of Transport concluded his speech by thanking all the Egyptian Companies which was able to strongly compete and prove its ability in the implementation of mega projects.

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