March 4, 2019

Major General Kamel El Wazeer Visited the Cable Stayed Bridge of Rod El Farg Axis

Major General Kamel El Wazeer – Head of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces visited the cable stayed bridge of Rod El Farg Axis which executed by the Arab Contractors Company under the supervision of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces. He was accompanied by Major General Ihab El Far – Chief of Staff of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces, Hassan Abdel Shafy – the Manager of the Military Engineers Department, Eng. Mohsen Salah – the Chairman & CEO of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Mofida Allam – the Roads Consultant in the AC and Supervisor of the Laboratory Sector, Brigadier General Ayman Saqer – the Project Manager, Colonel Mohammed Hawas – the Construction Manager of the project, Eng. Hassan Moustafa – Manager of the Bridges Department, Eng. Heba Abul Ella – Deputy Manager of Bridges Department and Eng. Mohammed Fawzy – the Project Manager. Eng. Mohsen stated that the Cable-Stayed Bridge crossing the East of the Nile is considered the widest bridge worldwide; its width is 66.8m and 540m length. It is including the largest navigational slot across the Nile which is up to 300m width. The Cable-Stayed Bridge's height is 14m above the level of the River Nile to facilitate the riverine movement and the easy crossing of the largest ships. It is based on 6 columns: 3 columns in the East and the same in the West side. The columns rise 92m from the water level and on a base of 80 piles with 2m diameter and 46m depth. The bridge capacity is up to 120 tons; with huge cables hanged on the columns and its weights is up to 1000tons to carry the bridge on the model of 6 October Suspension Bridge in Ghamra.

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