December 6, 2018

The Arab Contractors Company Awarded the Best Contracting Company in Uganda for 2018

Uganda Vice President Edward Sekandi awarded the Arab Contractors Company the best contracting company prize for 2018. This award is for the role of the company in implementing many of the developmental projects there which distinguished by its execution according to the international standards in terms of quality and performance.
Eng. Mohsen Salah – Chairman and CEO of the Arab Contractors Company stated that this honoring crowns the great interest of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in promoting strong ties between Egypt and the African countries; in addition to the highly commitment and good reputation of the Arab Contractors Company in Africa.
Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk - Head of Africa Sector pointed out that currently the AC is implementing many projects in Uganda; such as the development and upgrading of Masaka–Bukakata Road in southern Uganda with a value of 54 million US$. The project client is the Ugandian Road Authority. The road is 100 km away from Kampala, 41 km in length and its execution period is 24 months. In addition to the development and upgrading of the dirt road with a length of 67 km into an asphalt road which is 200 km away from Kampala (south east Uganda). This road has 2 lanes 3.65m width for each (total width for both is 7.3m) and its designing speed is 70km/h and another road with a length of 44 km. In addition to the water drainage and industrial works along the road worth 133 million US$ and its execution period is 36 months. Besides the rehabilitation and expansion of Kayunga Hospital with a total value 13.6 million US$.
Eng. Mohammed Tolba – the Deputy Manager of the Ugandian Arab Contractors Company declared after receiving the award that recently the AC has completed the development and rehabilitation of Mulago Specialized Hospital in Kampala, including the civil and electromechanical works in Kampala. The project's beneficiary is the Ugandian Ministry of Health with a total value 22.3 million US$. In addition to theses the company accomplished the project of decreasing the flood risks and effects in Kisiki district. The project includes excavation works, rocks removal, removal of gabions and rocks removed from the main waterway to protect and reinforce the bridges to prevent abrasion and flood damage with a high efficiency with a value of 2.7 million US$. In addition to the construction of the First phase of the concrete structure of the Busija trading market on 7000 m, the project's beneficiary is the Ugandian Local Administration in Kampala with a total value 5.8 million US$ approximately. He pointed out that the Ugandian market is one of the promising markets.