May 28, 2018

Minister of Housing Witnessed the Signing of the Contract of Increasing the Efficiency of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Eastern Purification Treatment Plant in Alexandria

The Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities witnessed the signing of the contract of increase the efficiency of sludge treatment resulting from wastewater treatment for reuse and natural gas production at the Eastern purification treatment plant in Alexandria with a total cost 50 million Euro ( a load from the French agency) 485 million EGP, the execution period is 30 months (construction)and 24 months (operation and maintenance). The contract is between the Executive Authority for Water and Wastewater affiliated to the Minister of Housing, JV of the Arab Contractors Company and Suez. The signing ceremony was signed by Eng. Hassan Al Far -Head of the Executive Authority for Drinking Water and Wastewater of Greater Cairo and Alexandria, Eng. Mohsen Salah - Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company and Eng. Sherif Noaman - Regional Manager of Suez International.

Eng. Hassan Al-Far said that the Eastern purification treatment plant in Alexandria is one of the mega plants in Alexandria, covering most of the Eastern regions of Alexandria with a capacity of 800 thousand m?/day, pointing out that the project aims to develop and improve the performance of the station through the implementation of the following works: the rehabilitation of the First phase to improve the performance and increase the efficiency of the plant, and treatment of the sludge generated by the plant using the Biogas, which will have a positive effect in maximizing the utilization of the emerging sludge, improve the environmental status as (pollution reduction and decrease the odors resulting from the station by reducing the proportion of 30% of the volume of sludge – the use of the drying sludge in different matters - generating electrical power up to 50% of the power plant consumption).

Eng. Mohsen Salah explained that the idea of the project is to burn the products of purification of sewage water for the extraction of gases used in generating electricity a clean energy and achieving self-sufficiency of energy for the Second phase of the project, which contributes to reducing the environmental impact of these sewage purification products.  The project is consisting of: 4 round tanks for sludge with a diameter of 36m and a height of 23m, a distributing tower for the sludge and compressors, a building of electricity generation, boiler building, gas tanks, gas treatment units, a tank for bio gas sludge and receiving tank.

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