May 17, 2018

Eng. Mohsen Salah Visited the Projects of Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque and the Parliament Building on the First Day of Ramadan

on the 1st day of the Holy Month Ramadan, Eng. Mohsen Salah - AC Chairman toured the work sites of Al Fatah Al Aleem Mosque and the Parliament in the New Administrative Capital. He met with the workers in the projects and urged them to exhort more efforts and increase the productivity rate during this holy month. Eng. Ahmed Abbass - the Board Member declared that the work progress in Al Fattah Al Aleem is goin in full swing. The project's scope of works includes the followings: a basement built upon 6325 m2, a ground floor includes the mosque nave built upon 6325 m2 accommodates for 6300 prayers – 6 entrances – aside entry for the women praying area on the First floor – external praying area 3400 m2 accommodates 3400 prayers, men praying area (1200 prayers); women praying area (300 prayers), 2 ablutions for men and the same for women; Heavenly Messages Museum 340 m2, Quraan Memorization House 100 m2, a medical care unit 660 m2. In addition to these, the mosque includes 4 minarets with 90m height for each one, a main dome for the mosque nave 33m diameter - 28m height, 4 secondary domes for the mosque nave 12,5m diameter - 10m height. Eng. Ahmed Abbass added that the Parliament Building is built upon 109 thousands m2 which includes the main building accommodates 1000 Parliamentarians and it will be finished and equipped according to the highest standards of the governmental buildings. The Parliament scope of works is including: a basement - a ground floor - 8 typical floors - a dome (50m diameter) - a garage on 40 thousands m on two levels and accommodates 1500 car - a service building. The Project is distinguished with a main characteristic which is the use of local manufactured materials. It is equipped with the latest lighting, alarming and fire fighting systems and a central air condition. The total excavation debris reached 320,000m3 which includes 160,000m3 of rocks.

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