February 20, 2018

Eng. Mohsen Salah Touring the Work Sectors in Rod El Farag Axis Project

Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman toured work sectors of Rod El Farg project. He thanked the workers and asked them for more work, production and working for 24 hours until the project is completed. Eng. Mohamed Fawzy – the project manager explained that the 2nd phase of the project of Rod El Farg project is of 12 km length in the two directions and consists of 6 sectors, including the bridge of the Western River Nile with total length 400m above the River Nile, 14m height, and the width of the bridge is 55m, it has two directions, 5 lanes on each side. The Eastern Nile Bridge is about 540m above the River Nile and considered the largest cable stayed bridge in the world, in terms of breadth, and will be recorded in the Guinness World Records. It consists of two main towers with 100m height above the the water level to install huge cables weighing up to a thousand tons to carry the body of the bridge. It is connecting between El Warraq Island and Shoubra. It is considered the largest cable stayed bridge in the world, with a width of 64m in the middle. The bridge’s width at Shubra reached 84m and the corridor’s load is about 120 tons.

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