February 18, 2018

Eng. Abdel Motaleb Mamdouh, Eng. Mohsen Salah and Eng. Essam Badawi Touring Oasis Road Project

Eng. Abdel Motaleb Mamdouh - the Vice Chairman of the New Urban Communities Authority, accompanied by Eng. Mohsen Salah - Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company and Eng. Essam Badawi - Head of the Development Authority of 6th October City toured the Oasis Road to follow up the work progress of the project, discuss all the details and time schedule related to the implementation. The Project Manager stated that the project total cost is 632 million EGP and starting from the beginning of the oasis road at the intersection with Fayoum road and extends 30 km towards the Oasis. It includes the implementation of a service road on the sides of the oasis road with a length of 30 km and a width of 15m for each direction and free higher bridge No. 1 near October Airport and a single turn bridge connected with an outlet to the entrance of the Social Housing in addition to two bridges one direction above the railway site no. 18 next to the Eastern Tobacco Company and 2 bridges one perpendicular to two levels on Dahshour Southern Road and the other on Oases Road of site no. 2 on the Oasis turn-table to serve the Ring Road and a single higher U-turn no. 3 after El Kahrabaa street (Fayoum - Fayoum) and the bridge of the two directions on Oasis Road no. 4 at the intersection with the 26 July corridor and a single higher U-turn no.6 after the exit of North Dahshour Road (Fayoum - Fayoum), and the tunnels at the site no.8 at the intersection of the Ring Road and the single turn higher bridge (Oasis - Oasis) no. 9 for the outer from Zewail street, turn bridge to the comer from Fayoum to Zewail street. In addition to 5 pedestrian crossovers, 5 bus stations, lighting works for the new roads and bridges, drainage works for the new roads, irrigation work, greenery for the middle islands among the new roads and the existing roads on Oasis road.

It is noteworthy that the project is executing by the Bridges Department in cooperation with the Marine Structures Department, Assiut Branch, Upper Egypt Department, Ismailia Shipyard Department, Civil Works Department (Sanitation and Finishing) and the Electrical Works Department.