December 12, 2017

AC Chairman inspected the projects of El Obour bridge and Mohammed Naguib Bridge

Eng. Mohsen Salah - AC Chairman inspected the project of El Obour bridge (Juhayna Square) in October, which will be accomplished soon. Eng. Mohsen Salah and his companions follow up the works in Mohammed Naguib Bridge in El Tagmoaa El Khamis. El Obour Bridge is considered one of the important axis that transferring from Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road to the Oasis Road, passing through El Obour Square without traffic. The execution rate of the project exceeds 90%. The Bridge is about 1km length and 35m wide, including 3 lanes in each direction. Its works included the construction of 38 bases with 608 quarries, 38 columns, 20 overhead structures, and its capacity is about 900 tons to bear the load of the LRT's works. On the other sides, the project of Mohamed Naguib Bridge at El Tagmoaa El Khamis is 1 km length with the inlets and outlets; it is contributing facilitating the traffic in El Tesaainy Northern and Southern streets and connects them; besides it will serve the future heading to the New Administrative Capital. Its scope of works include the construction of a concrete bridge over El Tesaainy Northern street with a total length 75m and width 25.5m and includes 4 traffic lanes.