March 22, 2015

Prime Minister Inaugurated Jacque Ville Bridge in Cote d'Ivoire..the Ivorian President honored PM the National Medal and Praised the AC Efforts

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and Cote d' Ivoire President Al Hassane Ouattara inaugurated Jacque Ville Bridge which executed by the Arab Contractors Company. It comes within the Egyptian Prime Minister's visit to Cote d' Ivoire accompanied by the ministers of Housing, International Cooperation, Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs, Egyptian Ambassador to Cote d ' Ivoire and AC Chairman.
The Egyptian Prime Minister, AC Chairman, Head of East and West Africa Sector, Head of Financial Affairs in Africa Sector and the Project Manager were honored the National Medal by the Ivorian President. Besides, he praised the AC workers for their efforts in executing the project on time and according to the standard quality.
Eng. Mahlab stressed upon the bilateral relationship between Egypt and African countries to achieve an economic development.
He added that the execution of this project has a great importance for many aspects: it will develop the national economy and tourism sector in Jacque Ville and sustain the public welfare, ease the transport to and from Jacque Ville; on the other hand it strengthens the bilateral relation between Egypt and Cote d' Ivoire. Moreover, The Prime Minister said he conveyed to the President of Cote d' Ivoire an invitation from President Sisi to visit Cairo and discussed with President Ouattara means of boosting bilateral relations.
He praised the AC exhorted efforts and its national role in the Dark Continent and their accuracy to execute works according to the highest quality which enhance the company brightful image as one of the leading companies in building and construction sector.

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