October 19, 2014

Minister of Antiquities and Alexandria Governor Re-Inaugurated the Royal Jewelry Museum

Minister of Antiquities and Alexandria Governor re-inaugurated the Royal Jewelry Museum which was closed after 25th January Revolution for 3 years to ensure the safety of the unique rare jewels. The 1st inauguration for the museum was in 1986. Then, it was closed on 2003 for an integrated restoration for the museum which took 7 years. Then it was inaugurated on 2010.

It is noteworthy that the importance of the museum as an integral part of the Egyptian history for accommodating a high level jewels reflect the civilization of Mohammed Ali Pasha Family whom interested in all the aspects of wealth and art. The palace was built on 4185m².  It is including the eastern suite which consisting of 2 halls and a reception; it was built after the western suite and they are linked by corridors with balconies on both sides. The whole palace consists of two floors; the 1st floor includes 4 halls, a reception and bathroom. The 2nd floor includes: 4 halls adjoining to 4 bathroom centered by a huge reception. The basement consists of: 3 rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.