November 16, 2006

A Visit for Water Purification Project in Abu Suer

On Thursday 16th of November 2006, Eng. Ahmad El Maghraby - Minister of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities and General Abdel Galeil Fakhry - Ismaileya Governor visited the water purification project in Abu Suer with capacity of 17 thousands m3 / day in the presence of Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab – President of the AC, Eng. Sami Omara - Chairman of National Organization for Potable Water and Sewage, and Eng. Nouh Meshref - Vice President of the AC. The project was executed on 7 Fedans with value of 50 millions pounds to serve Abu Suer city, Al-Garaysha and Abu-kharwaa (nearly 100 thousands persons benefit from it).