Jacque Ville Bridge - Cote dIvoire - Cote D'ivoire

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This project has a great importance for many aspects it will develop the national economy and tourism sector in Jacque Ville and sustain the public welfare, ease the transport to and from Jacque Ville
The project consists of a concrete body with a length of 609.70 linear meters and entrances with a length of 785.30 linear meters.
The concrete structure of the bridge also includes 14 middle spans, each of which is 38.10 meters long, and two (2) end spans, each of which is 37.57 meters long. The length of the bridge's sugar width has become 10.50 metres, and it is a quick digital display with a width of 3.75 meters for one and two pillars on the side of the bridge, a width of 1.50 meters for one pillar. The smart beams are connected to the supports by a cross beam of 0.30 metres, which depends on the number of three piles in each axis (after a total of 51 piles). ) Its diameter did not reach 1.20 meters and its depth reached 58.00 to 68.00 meters.
There is also a support surface on each side of the bridge with a length of 115.00 meters behind the bridge. There is also a toll collection station at the beginning of the bridge..