Suez Thermal Power Plant 650 MW - Egypt

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Owner: East Delta Electricity Production Company (EDEPC)
Consultant: Power Generation Engineering and Services Company (PGESCO)
Main Contractor: The Arab Contractors Company "Osman Ahmed Osman & Co."
Scope of Work:
The civil works and structures of the project buildings including the surveying works, site works clearance according to the designed levels required for the building, roads and the work site. Besides; the temporary works the feeding lines and drainage of the project; the temporary fire-fighting system; excavation works, rehabilitation and the filling of the buildings and the pipes networks. The AC will carry out the carpentry works, forging, pouring concrete, supplying and installation of the steel structures, corrugated iron sheets. In addition to the supplying and extension of the pipes networks for the different underground feeding lines and drainage; the supplying and execution of the duct bank for the cables of the project contractors and the supplying and drilling of the drying wells for the drying works. Moreover, the AC will supply, welding the permanent and temporary sheet piles on the gulf and the marine works which includes the placement of the geotextile and the pitching works according to the required criteria. Besides; the finishing, the sanitary works inside the buildings; the supplying and installation of the buildings' furniture, the electromechanical works, supplying and installation of the horizontal and vertical submersible pumps, air-conditioning, lighting, earthwork, telecommunication systems, fire-fighting and elevators. In addition to the mechanical works of the intake building including the trash rack, trash basket, travelling screen, bar screen, stoplogs. The company will execute the roads works and the site works.
Starting date: 30th August 2012
End Date: 31 January 2016