The injection works are carried out to strengthen the foundations, improve the soil properties, support the drilling sides and reduce the permeability of the soil.

Activities of the Division of injections

Execution of the various Diameter Piles -piles (60 cm to 240 cm) They are divided into: -

  • It is a type of foundation was used to load and support facilities.
  • Implementation of Fieldtrip walls to reduce the level of groundwater.
  • Columns injection diameters: 15 to 40 cm
  • Depth: up to 40 meters

To support aspects of drilling (draft contract 102 - Jewel Towers Republican Guard). Depths of up to 12 meters

  • For the implementation of a cement plug to reduce the permeability of soil.
  • Injection breaks behind retaining walls (if you use the bursa).
  • Columns injection diameters: 60-180 cm
  • Depth: up to 35 meters
  • In order to improve the engineering properties of soil under relatively low pressures, as well as in the work of treatment facilities fall
  • Columns injection diameters: 15-30 cm
  • Depth: up to 35 meters
  • Used to support aspects of drilling Tablet with wall or piles or cross-blinds
  • Used in testing the load on the piles with a diameter and high loads instead of the usual pallet loading using concrete blocks or sand

Contact Information

Foundation Dept.

  • 2 Bear Sabaa St., from Mokhles Al Alfi St. - Nasr City
  • 02 26200876
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  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Yousef Hassan