Diaphragm Walls & PILES

DW using the frieze :

The DW are implemented using hydro fluze and bentonite.

The Infiltration is controlled automatically and ranges from (60 - 80-100-120-150) cm and depths up to 50 m.

Bonding support systems :

DWusing a bursa

DWusing a bursa and bentonite thickness 80-100 cm to a depth of 45 m

Pile piles :

Pile piles are rectangular sections that act as piles.

Samples of Equipments & Projects

BH-NI Hydraulic Bump

It is a cylindrical column that works as a moving poon. This burs is used in the implementation of a 2.5 m and a thickness of 0.8 m

BC30 & BC40 fries

  • They are rock / rock cutters equipped with diesel-powered creeps.
  • These are used in the implementation of the drilling of the gates with a width of 2.8 m and thickness (0.6 - 0.8-1) m to a depth of 50 m

The unit is equipped with special devices for measuring:

  • Drilling depth
  • angle of inclination of drilling in both the vertical and the vertical directions
  • The torque and rotation speed of the cutting wheels.
  • These devices are connected to a recording unit placed in the operating compartment.
  • The frieze is designed to adjust deviations during drilling

Drilling fluid purification plants

It produces 450 m3 per hour

Two mixing units

To mix and store the drilling fluid

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