Survey Works

As the success of any project is necessarily dependant on the correct setting-out of its points and parts, the surveying division is available to provide all the sites with specialized surveyors, engineers and the latest most sophisticated surveying instruments & "Total Stations II The necessary back-up staff who feed the computers with survey data.

This data can also be used to calculate the quantities of works completed during the interim statement periods, and such like activities.

The surveying teams are capable of handling both land and sea instrumentation, followed by preparation of survey drawings, and the setting out of the layout points and directions to ensure the correct implementation of each project as foreseen and designed.


Contact Information

Marine Structures Dept.

  • Kilo 52 Egypt Ismailia Desert Road - Sharkia Governorate
  • 0554410473
  • 0554410470 - 01206980723
  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Osama AbdElhamid