Suez Canal International Museum - Egypt

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The project includes construction work, restoration and rehabilitation of the first administrative building of Suez Canal which was built in 1869. It will be rehabilitated to be an international museum that narrates the history of the Suez Canal since its establishment till the inauguration of the New Suez Canal by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.
The project implemented by Sinai Branch and the beneficiary is Suez Canal Authority.
The project includes Ferdinand de Lesseps's rest house and the memorial wall that tells the history of the Suez Canal. The museum is built upon 10000m2, the building area which is 5500m2 and the basement 1200m2. The project includes internal subway network extends outside the museum. The project includes 99halls, 114 doors, 175 windows and 303 wooden pillars.

Ongoing Projects