Ahl Misr Walkway

“Ahl Misr Walkway” project is implemented in accordance with the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. The Arab Contractors Company “Bridges and Specialized Structures Department” is participating in the project under the supervision of the ministries of: water resources and irrigation - housing, utilities and urban communities -Cairo governorate and the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces. The project is considered one of the ambitious projects which will change Cairo’s Face, through regain its cultural image in the areas overlooking the Nile River. Besides, it will increase the share of each person in the green and open areas in these places. It will provide more tourist destinations in accordance with the different international cities which exist on river banks and implemented similar projects to this one. the project scope of works include the area extended from 15 May Bridge to Imbaba with a length of 8.1km, pedetrians walkway with sequential levels along the corniche for 4.7km, the average width of the higher walkway is 4.5m, the lower walkway’s average width is 6.5m. The project includes 19 buildings, 5 restaurants, 5 cafeterias, 56 shops, 3 car parks with total capacity 180 cars, 3 bleachers, a theater with total area 275m2, landscaping works, terraces and fountains.