Roxy Smart Parking - Egypt

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Roxy Smart Parking is a multi-storey automated underground parking. It is considered a qualitative leap in the development projects witnessed in Egypt. It is the first smart car parking in Egypt and the Middle East.
It is high-tech, fully automated garage according to the state of the art electronic systems, environmental safety and security. It is decreasing the traffic congestion in all streets surrounding Heliopolis. Roxy Parking is the second multi-storey underground parking that the governorate established after Tahrir Car Park with a total cost about 220 million EGP. The value of the civil and electromechanical works executed by the Arab Contractors Company in the project is 79 million EGP; the project implantation is divided into 2 phases.
The First phase:
Its total area reached 5300m2, a building space of 21000m2 and its capacity is 900cars.
The Second phase:
It is expected to be completed in December 2020.
The project is working with a fully mechanical system and managed automatically according to the latest electronic systems.
•    The parking consists of 4 underground floors at a depth of 16m; its implementation is divided into 2 phases. The project total area is 10000m2; the building space is 40000m2.
•    The garage will take up a total of 1,700 cars.
•    There are 12 electronic elevators that will examine the cars once they are standing on them.
•    The garage is equipped with robots to park vehicles, transferring them from the inside to the outside and vice versa.
During the project implementation there were utilities diversion works for water, wastewater, electricity, telephone lines, and natural gas networks away from the work site. Besides, ensuring the safety of the existing buildings in the work site which has a distinguished architectural style to avoid any damages that may occur to it.
The car parking has modern security cameras system in all the floors, gates for entry and exit. Roxy Smart Parking is equipped with 6 robots to park vehicles, transferring them to the span inside the garage, the vehicle storage and recall time takes 3-6 minutes, and there are 3 exits and 3 entrances. Additionally, there are 6 elevators for vertical movement among the floors.