February 2, 2015

The Egyptian Prime Minister Toured Skeikh Jaber Al Sabah Hospital and Jahraa Road in Kuwait

In the 2nd day of his visit to Kuwait - Egyptian Prime Minister, Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab toured Skeikh Jaber Al Sabah Hospital and Jahraa Road. He was accompanied by the ministers of Housing, petroleum and investment; Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Eng. Mohsen Salah – AC Chairman and key responsible men in Kuwait.
Prime Minister attended a detailed explanation about the hospital and its departments, works on progress. He praised the exhorted efforts and the executed works which costs about 303 million KWD (equal 6 billion EGP). The hospital includes a main building accommodates 1200 beds and other services buildings.
Then, he visited Jahraa Road which executed by the mother company the Arab Contractors company in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Arab Contractors under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait; with total cost 261 million KWD. The project objective is to upgrading the road to the international standard of highways. It is expected to be accomplished on the early 2016.