Dredging and Marine Works

The Marine Construction Department owns (7) heavy duty cutter suction dredgers (American-made), which are equipped to work 24 hours a day

In addition to the auxiliary equipment such as boats, locomotives, etc., which enables it to carry out dredging work according to the time schedules, as well as enables it to dredge in all types of soil and in shallow levels, where the company's dredgers can reach depths of 1.3 m to a depth of 18 meters

Scope of Work

  • Dredging Lakes
  • dredging Rivers
  • Dredging the entrances and exits of Al-Boughaz to a depth of 18 meters in the open sea
  • Dredging the intakes and exits of the water stations
  • Dredging the sockets and outlets of the power stations
  • Dredging and making tracks and navigational channels
  • Creating new urban communities through dredging and using the dredging product to acquire new lands
  • Construct highways using direct pumping of dredging product

The Marine Construction Department also owns dredging equipment of the types of Toyo and Panoma pumps

Which enables it to execute specialized dredging works, including dredging silos and pits, whose depths reach 30 meters using Toyo pumps, in addition to those whose depths reach 180 meters using the panoma dredger.

In addition to a fleet of marine and ground services equipment, excavators, tippers, boats, locomotives, thrusters, surveying equipment, etc.

Marine Works

The Marine Construction Department owns a fleet of floating units of bentonites and their accessories, in addition to the auxiliary equipment such as boats, locomotives, thrusters, service ground equipment, etc.

Which enables it to execute all marine works in all climatic conditions, as the Marine Construction Department implements the following

  • Breaks Water
  • Slop Protection
  • Shore Protection
  • Bed Protection
  • Jetty & Groins
  • Geotextile Laying
  • Concrete structures inside the water and between breakwaters

In addition to assisting in designs and developing appropriate implementation methods according to the nature of the place, with solutions to overcome problems that hinder implementation

Samples of Projects

Contact Information

Marine Constructions Dept.

  • Kilo 52 Egypt Ismailia Desert Road - Sharkia Governorate
  • 0554410473
  • 0554410470 - 01206980723
  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Shehab Mounir
  • dredge@arabcont.com