Soil Investigations and Foundation

  • The unit is providing researches about the soil investigations through the use of deep bearings with its different types, labs tests, technical reports and recommendations about the foundation.
  • Quality control concerning the earth works, filing and compacting works in different work sites and loading tests.

Reducing the Ground Water Level

The unit is preparing researches and special designs about reducing the ground water’s (with its different types) level and solving its related problems and the security and the balance of the excavation and bridges sectors.

Geotechnical Investigations

  • Providing the adequate solutions emerging during the working process concerning the foundation or the building which its foundation get affected.
  • Investigations about the suggested solutions to strengthen the foundations of the existing buildings in addition to strengthen of the bridges and Slopes stability.

This service is provided by the main laboratory and the other laboratories exist all over the company projects which is fully equipped with apparatus and highly qualified workers. The unit provides the following services:

  • The required tests for the different building materials and its additives (aggregate – cement – slabs - …etc.)
  • Designing the different types of concrete mixers.
  • Quality control through the ineffective tests such as (Schmidt Hammer - the thickness of the concrete cover – loading tests – cracks and formation measuring – defining the corrosion of the reinforced steel) and destructive tests such as (concrete core …etc.) in addition to the building state.
  • Reinforced steel test for its different diameters and drawing its Stress-Strain Curve.
  • Measuring of the testing apparatuses using the state of the art electronic equipment

Roads labs :-

  • The unit is providing scientific tests on the materials of the foundation base, sub-base, asphalt mix – sealing coats - slabs – borders)
  • Providing the required reports about the asphalt mixes with its different types and according to the project standard criteria and the measuring of the asphalt mixes mass.
  • Quality control on the product from its source (breakers – quarries)
  • Quality control on the pavement works on the national projects (26th of July Corridor – October Bridge – Giza Tunnel…)

Thermal Insulations: :-

The unit implements the thermal expansion Insulations using Ibri Silnet material for its varied advantages. Many barriers were implemented for bridges, such as: Lebanon Square Bridge – Ahmed Orbai Bridge. Besides; increasing the efficiency of the barriers and outlets of 26th of July Corridor and October Bridge

  • El Dekhila Port – Alexandria
  • King Faysal Azhari University – Assiut
  • Cement Factories (National for Cement – Portland Helwan…)
  • Indoor Halls Complex – Nasr City
  • The Projects of Educational Buildings Authority
  • The Projects of the Housing Ministry (Family Housing – New Thebes in Luxor – Sheikh Zayed - …)
  • Social Clubs (New Ahly Club – the auditoriums of Ismailia Stadium…)
  • Bridges and Tunnels (6th October Bridge – Al Mounib Bridge – Rod El Farg Bridge…)
  • Wastewater Projects in different governorates: (Purification Station in Al Gabl Al Asfar Balaks – Kafr Saqr – Kafr El Dawar – Balteem - …)
  • Roads Works all over the Arab Republic of Egypt: (Hurghada Road – Development of 26th July Corridor – Natron Valley Road – Cairo/Alex Desert Road – Dammitta Port – Development of Hurghada Airport …)

Besides; the technical assistance of the consultant professors from the universities and scientific researches centers who specialized in soil investigations, foundation, building materials, concrete and roads.

Contact Information

Laboratories Dept.

  • El Nasr Road, El Gabal El Akhdar, Nasr City-Cairo
  • 0223480539
  • 0223424173
  • Dept. Manager :Eng. Hala Sabry