Installation Departments

This department has two main activities : -

The First Activity:

The installation, dismantling, maintenance and hiring of tower cranes:

The installation department has a highly experienced group of engineers and technicians specialized in the installation works, dismantling and maintenance of all tower cranes types (fixed, mobile, climbing, self-erection and gantry). Besides, the designing, manufacturing, installation and dismantling of the cranes' turnbuckles. The department includes Derrick cranes max load 6 ton within the radius of 6m - 2 ton within the radius of 18m, in order to dismantle to tower cranes that is impossible to disassemble with the traditional method. These groups is carrying out the works of installation and dismantling of the lifts of persons and materials up to 150m height.

The Second Activity:

The hiring of the tower cranes and lifts (persons – materials):

The installation department owned a number of equipment reached 30 tower cranes and 15 lifts for persons and materials, ready for renting.

Our rental cranes are of the following types: (top kit cranes, flat top cranes, and self-erection)

It starts with the small cranes, such as: POTAIN 340 Self Erecting Tower Crane with a capacity of 2ton/30m; POTAIN 55MD Tower Crane able to lift 7.8ton/60m and its maximum capacity is 20ton/26m.

Besides; the lifts which reached 150m height and its maximum capacity is 2ton.

The department is offering the technical support and services at any time including the repair and maintenance services for the leased equipment.

Concrete Cutting:

This department is using the latest international techniques in concrete core drilling and cutting by engineers with high technical level through using the following equipment

  • Concrete cutting machine with big saw cutter
  • Concrete wall cutting machine up to 40 cm thickness
  • Concrete floor cutting machine
  • Concrete core drilling with diameter from 2 inch to 6 inch reached to different depth.

Equipment Hiring and Specialized Works Department is carrying out the overdraft of groundwater for the different projects in the company and outside it. Many projects were accomplished which reached to foundation level 14m by using one of the following systems: Deep well system (depth reached to 12m) Well point system (depth reached to 3m

the department is executing the shoring works using the sheet piles on ground and water courses or by using Berlin wall.

Equipment Hiring and Specialized Works Department is carrying out the supplying works, plastering, painting, renting, driving and take off the sheet piles and pipes using the modern equipment specialized in the driven of the sheet piles wither on the natural ground or in the water courses using marine equipment. Most of the sheet piles and pipes' equipment includes the hydraulic vibrators with high frequency which allows working beside the existing buildings. Installation and dismantling of the struts required for the sheet piles. Sheet piles varied from 1800cm3/m to 4200cm3/m.

Vibrators for driven and dismantling the sheet piles and pipes with centrifuge from 20ton to 200ton. Impact Hammers for driving sheet piles and pipes (air – diesel – hydraulic) it could work under water level.

Contact Information

Equipment Renting and Specialized Works Dept.

  • 10 6th October St.,Shobra
  • 0244012120 - 0244012108
  • 44012107 02 - 44012112 02 - 44012106 02
  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Ahmed Rifai