Supervision and Surveying

Supervising all projects executed by the Engineering Consultancy Department through two units.

The Execution Supervising Department carrying out the following tasks:

  • Sites handing over and studying its requirements.
  • Reviewing the shop drawings.
  • Preparing the time schedules and the cash flow.
  • Works handing over and its execution according to the shop drawings.
  • Approving the samples in accordance with the Egyptian code.
  • Studying the execution problems and solving it instantly.
  • Participating in the price study committees.
  • Reviewing quantities as mentioned in the Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
  • Reviewing the invoices.
  • Participating in the committees of the project's primary and final stage handing over.

Surveying Department carrying out the following tasks:

  • Producing the detailed and topography maps.
  • Roads surveying works.
  • Surveying of the huge structures.
  • Surveying of the water and wastewater stations.
  • Studying structures and building settlement.
  • Studying structures and building verticality.
  • Producing the digital maps.

Contact Information

Consulting Engineering General Dept.

  • 26 El-Gomhoria St. - Cairo
  • 002 02 2390 35 50
  • 0020223907133
  • Head of Sector : Eng. Lamia Qarni