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Since 1967

We have 50+ years of experience in Bridges and Specialized Structures

The Arab Contractors Co. is one of the greatest construction companies in the middle east that has achieved a great number of prestigious projects in different fields in Egypt and abroad.

The River Nile separates the eastern part from the western part of Egypt that created the need to cross from one side to the other through constructing bridges. Many bridges were built at the beginning of the previous century to fulfil this need. These bridges were constructed using the best and the latest available knowledge in design and construction at that time.

Al Giza Bridge

One of AC’s greatest achievement in 1967 was initiating the 1st bridge over the Nile at Giza

It is the first bridge over the Nile at Giza, fully with Egyptian mind and hands in collaboration with foreign experience where the bridge industry and experience was transferred to the Egyptian hands and minds, after being monopolized by the foreign companies for a long time.

Project Details
Ramsis Bridge

Named later the 6th of October Bridge

In May 1969, there was thought of establishing a new specialized department for the construction of bridges and underpasses to complete its tough task, acquiring the latest know-how in several diversified and specialized activities and creation and formation of executive and supervisory frameworks.

Project Details
The department was founded on 1970

and during more than 51 years


The most sophisticated technologies have been applied with the highest standards of quality and precision


Using the most distinguished and famous resources in this field


Full commitment to ethical standards and dedication to community service

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Bridges and Specialized Structures Department

  • 11 Dr. Yousry Gohar Street - Nasr City - Cairo
  • +2 02 24035951
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  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Sameh Hamid El-Laqani
  • transport@arabcont.com