The Decent Life Project "Haya Karima"

It is the most important project in the history of Egypt, or the Century Project, as many call it, as it makes a qualitative leap in the lives of the residents of the Egyptian villages and brings these villages to a stage they have not witnessed before.

The "A Decent Life" initiative is the largest development project to develop the Egyptian countryside and aims to provide all services in the countryside: sewage networks, gas, electricity, and infrastructure development, with the participation of most Egyptian companies, most notably the Arab Contractors Company.

Most Egyptian companies are participating in implementing the project, led by the Arab Contractors.

Arab Contractors implements “Decent Life projects within :
Developing Slums

The signing of a cooperation protocol between Tahya Misr Fund and the Arab Contractors Company for the development of slums

It includes establishing service and development projects in the field of developing slums and villages to rehabilitate them and provide them with all the basic services they need to become urban areas

Development of Al-Assal Slum

The demolition and restoration of 75 non-human homes and the construction of alternative housing include providing a decent life for 300 families. 11 dilapidated homes out of 55 were demolished, and the restoration of 25 homes began. The works include the demolition and removal stage, another stage for soil investigations, the sanitation stage, concrete and wall works, then finishing work, and finally the housing stage, interim delivery, and establishing a fire network

Technical Education Development

Arab Contractors Secondary Technical School

Cooperation protocol between the Arab Contractors Company and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoETE)

Arab Contractors Secondary Technical School

Based on the company's social responsibility, the Arab Contractors Secondary Technical School for dual education was established to qualify technical personnel on scientific basics.

Through it, specialized technicians trained in the field of heavy equipment are provided and contribute to reducing unemployment.

Qualification :

Industrial secondary school diploma, three-year system.

School Year :

11 months, and the trainee is granted one month of annual leave for each year upon request approved by the company.

The student receives theoretical study at school two days a week.

The student receives vocational training 4 days a week at the training location.

At the end of the stage, the company concludes an employment contract for outstanding students with an appropriate salary if there are job vacancies.

Oxford Business Group report highlights Arab Contractors’ response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Response Report

The report includes an in-depth analysis of how the Arab Contractors dealt with the pandemic. It also includes some case studies and declares the company vision concerning the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, the measures it took in this regard, and the implemented projects during this pandemic.