May 15, 2022

Transport Minister follows up the implementation rates of the Alternative Axis for Aswan Reservoir and Daraw Axis

Eng. Kamel El Wazeer – Minister of Transport continued his inspection tours in Upper Egypt to follow up the implementation rates of the ongoing development and services projects. The Minister accompanied by Major Gen. Ashraf Attia - Aswan Governor began their tour by inspecting the Alternative Axis for Aswan Reservoir and Daraw Axis on the Nile River. They were received by Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk – Board Member of the Arab Contractors Company which is carrying out the project, Eng. El Sayed Farg – Head of Bridges and Foundation Sector, Eng. Anas Mohamed El Sagheir – Head of Bridges Sector. The Alternative Axis for Aswan Reservoir is 4.5km length, 29 m width; with 3 lanes in each direction. The project total cost is L.E 1.957 billion, and the axis consists of 3 industrial works (2 bridges and a tunnel). The Minister directed to extend the axis to the west to connect with the Aswan LRT, and increase the efficiency of the road connecting east of the axis with the Aswan- Baranees Road. Besides, he stated that all works should adhere to the highest quality standards, especially with the importance of this development axis in contributing to the transfer of traffic from the reservoir body to the new axis to maintain the reservoir and extend its lifespan. In addition to theses, it is creating new development areas west of the Nile and linking the residential, industrial and agricultural development areas east and west of the Nile, providing business opportunities, facilitating the movement of citizens, serving development projects, as well as linking between the road network east and west of the Nile River with transverse axes to achieve comprehensive development in Upper Egypt. The axis will link Aswan- Baranees Road to the Western Desert Road (Cairo-Aswan) crossing the River Nile and the Western Agricultural Road (Cairo – Aswan) and linking to Aswan/ Abu Simbel. The Minister of Transport, Aswan Governor and their companions also inspected the implementation works of Daraw Axis on the Nile south of Daraw City in Aswan, which is 18 km length, with 2 traffic lanes in each direction, and total cost L.E 1.395 billion. The project includes (9) industrial works (7 bridges - 2 tunnels). The project includes 4 main bridges (eastern agricultural bridge 21 m width – the Nile Bridge 25 m width- western agricultural bridge 21 m width - eastern desert bridge 21 m width), 3 bridges and 3 tunnels on the lakes and drains (Sheikh Fadl Bridge – Al Tawaysa Bridge) and 2 tunnels ( El Daryra – Gas Pipeline).

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