April 21, 2022

Chadian Minister of Infrastructure thanks the Arab Contractors

The Chadian Minister of Infrastructure - Batalit Jiu received the delegation of the Arab Contractors Company, which included Eng. Emam Afify – Vice Chairman, Mr. Hossam Imam – Vice Chairman and Dr. Onsy Elbeshouty - Board Member and Eng. Mohammed El Qiaay - Supervisor of the Arab Contractors Company in Chad. At the beginning of the meeting, the Chadian Minister referred to the distinguished and strong relations between Egypt and Chad. During the meeting, the Minister thanked the Arab Contractors Company for its executed works which are characterized by highest quality, and praised the great commitment of the company and adhering to the technical standards in the accomplished project. He added that he had recently visited the Guelengdeng-Bongor Road project, which was built by the company with high quality. The minister expressed his aspiration to visit Cairo to see the Egyptian experience in the field of development and visit the company's projects. Eng. Emam Afify and Mr. Hossam Imam thanked the Chadian Minister for the reception. The company delegation also conveyed the greetings of the Board of Directors to the Chadian Minister, and stressed that the Arab Contractors Company is always working to provide the best, and is keen to continue working with the brothers in Chad on various development projects which comes within the framework of the strong relations between Egypt and Chad, and the distinguished experience of the company in the Chadian market. On the other hand, the company delegation visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Integration Building Project, which cost 69 million euros, with an implementation rate of 98.5%. It consists of main buildings including 2 towers, each one of them has 7 floors and a ground floor. The building has 4 meeting rooms: a hall with a capacity of 350 people, 2 halls with a capacity of 250 people and a hall with a capacity of 1000 people. It also includes service buildings consisting of: Electricity building (transformers - generators - central air-conditioning chillers) - pumps - Septic tank - drinking water tank 400m3. The delegation also inspected the project of Alexandria University’s Branch in N'Djamena (first phase), at a cost of $29 million approximately, and the implementation rate is 60%. It includes 2 faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture which are built upon 4000m2. Each faculty consists of a ground floor and 2 typical floors. The total area of each faculty is 1500m. Each faculty includes 2 main halls, each one accommodating 150 people. Besides, 4 secondary halls with a capacity of 80 students per hall, next to the administrative rooms, restrooms for faculty staff. The College of Veterinary Medicine has 4 chemistry laboratories, a computer lab, an animal anatomy lab, a laboratory for studying animal behavior, an operating room, a clinic and a stable for animals. The Faculty of Agriculture has 3 chemistry labs, a water and soil lab, a dairy products lab, and a plant study lab.