January 19, 2022

Arab Contractors implements projects in 200 villages of "Decent Life" project

Eng. Sayed Farouk – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors visited Assiut to follow up the project carried out by the company in Upper Egypt’s villages, which comes within “Decent Life Initiative” launched President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to develop the Egyptian villages. Eng. Sayed was accompanied by Eng. Imam Afifi – Vice Chairman and Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk – Board Member. During the visit Eng. Sayed Farouk inspected El Zaraby Treatment Plant with a capacity of 20/45 thousands m3/day which serve 500000 inhabitants in the villages of (El Balayza – Dekran – Abou Kharss – ElNekhila -Baqour - Nazlet Baqour - Douynah)with a value of 330 million LE. The work includes (penstock -screens-grit chambers-2 primary settling tanks- 4 aeration tanks-2 final settling tanks- air blowers- Chlorine contact tank), the sludge path(primary sludge pumping station - return sludge pumping station - Sludge digestion tank - sludge thickeners – 49 sludge - drying beds), in addition to the service buildings (security - administrative- main distributor - store, workshop and transformers – generator – fuel tank – Chlorine cylinder storage). The Chairman held a meeting with the supervising committee of “decent life” project and emphasized on the necessity to facilitate all the challenges to ensure the continuity of the projects in the villages, the periodical follow up of the different projects and pushing the work progress. Eng. Sayed Farouk visited Manqabad Bridge which aims at connecting the entry of north Assiut with the west desert road. In addition to solving the problem of Manqabad crossing and its neighboring villages that suffer from the traffic jam hindering the traffic on Cairo-Assiut agricultural road. The bridge total length (including the entries and exits) is 1900m, its width is 16.70m and total cost is 318 million LE. It is worth mentioning that the company is currently carrying out projects worth 5 billion LE in “decent life initiative” to develop 200 villages in 12 governorates all around the republic under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing, utilities and Urban Communities represented by the National Authority of Potable Water and Sewage and the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. The project total number reached 180 villages in Assiut, Bani Suief, Menia, Sohag, Qena, Luxor and Aswan. It is worth 4.3 billion LE and includes 6 treatment plants, 4 potable water stations, service buildings and bridges. Among them are 3 treatment plants, a potable water station and gravity networks in Assiut. The Chairman was accompanied by Eng. Mahmoud El Sharnouby – Head of Electromechanical Projects Sector, Eng. Hassan Moustafa – Head of Upper Egypt and Red Sea Sectors, Eng. Sayed El Ansary – Head of Assiut and North Upper Egypt, Eng. Yasser Mahsoub – North Upper Egypt Branch Manager, Eng. Sayed Hassan – Assiut Branch Manager, Eng. Ayman Tohfa – Supervisor of Upper Egypt Villages Projects and Eng. Asaad El Sadek – Rapporteur of Decent Life’s Board.