December 29, 2021

President El Sisi inaugurates the River Strip and inspects villas in New Aswan

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inaugurated on Tuesday 28/12/2021 a series of the tourist river strip in New Aswan, located on the West Bank of the River Nile, 12 km away from Aswan city. President El Sisi inspected the villas and the residential units sections of the city. This was in the presence of the Prime Minister, the ministers of housing, transport, planning, electricity, social solidarity, tourism, monuments, culture, public business sector, supply, agriculture, Aswan Governor, Head of Armed Forces Engineering Authority, Head of New Aswan Authority, Eng. Sayed Farouk – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Imam Afifi – Vice Chairman, Eng. Hassan Moustafa- Head of South Upper Egypt and Red Sea, Eng. Sayed El Ansary – Head of Assiut and North Upper Egypt Sector which implemented the works and Eng. Mohamed Abdoun – Vice Branch Manager and Projects Manager. It is a noteworthy that the Arab Contractors Company under the supervision of the New Urban Communities - New Aswan Development Authority carried out the landscape works and infrastructure for the river strip in New Aswan. It includes the utilities work for the general site (water-irrigation-wastewater- agriculture drainage - electricity) for an area (33 feddans in the river strip 4 km in the beach garden); in addition to the coordination and landscaping works of the general site for the villas area, (phases 1 and 2) (Villages 1 and 2). The beach garden with a length of 4 km approx. Besides, the works in 14 feddans (Village 1) which includes (3) group of shops, (3) swimming pools, a restaurant, a theater with a contract (1), a desert garden (1). The works in the 19-feddans area (Village 2), includes (3) group of shops, (3) swimming pools and a garden desert (2). In addition to theses, there are the Nile Park which is 4 km long including (2) river marinas - the Nubian shops area (a group of shops) - the Palm Oasis restaurant and (2) food outlets – shops besides the sustained bridge (2 group of shops), a restaurant and a food outlet - shops of the beach garden with a length of 750 m, comprises (2) group of shops and a food outlet. The Arab Contractors Company also implemented 3 pedestrian bridges to connect the area between the villas and the Nile Park. The works of the open Roman Theater with a capacity of 4000 person. In addition to the works of the higher car bridge above the city entrance to link the area of villas and the Roman Theater with a length of 40 m and 20m width. The asphalt renewal works, with a length of 4 km from El Kobania track, West of Aswan at the River Strip. The Company also implemented 63 fully-finished villas at the River Strip, consisting of a ground floor 2 upper floors with a total area 440 m2, including the general site of the villa and the external fence.

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