September 10, 2021

President El Sisi stresses the importance of adhering to the basic principles applied in all roads and axes projects

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inspected the progress of ongoing work to complete linking the Shinzo Abe Axis to the Fifth Settlement area through Samir Ghanem Bridge junction above the Ring Road. This will serve as a new traffic lifeline connecting the neighborhoods and areas of east Cairo with the New Cairo communities. The Bridge will also reduce the time and distance that passengers take to go to and from those areas as well as alleviate pressure on the Cairo-Suez axis. The President also inspected work pertinent to the development of the Autostrad Road, starting from the bottom of the Cairo Airport Bridge to El-Mosheer Abu Ghazala Bridge, to connect with the communities located in the distance between the Airport Bridge and El-Saaka Bridge, with 7 traffic lanes per direction. The President also followed up with the officials on the site the rates of implementation and work progress, stressing the importance of the technical and construction efficiency of the new axes and bridges and taking into account their sustainability and ability to accommodate the flow of traffic and transportation in the future. Furthermore, the President underlined the major importance of these roads and axes in organizing traffic in the governorate of Cairo as well as the surrounding cities and urban communities. The President stressed the importance of adhering to the basic principles applied in all roads and axes projects across the country. Those principles are related to the prompt completion of construction work, in accordance with quality standards and high efficiency. This is in addition to widening lanes and increasing their number to the maximum extent as well as applying safety and security standards.