August 5, 2021

Eng. Ahmed El Assar visits Julius Nyerere Dam in Tanzania

Within the periodical follow up of Julius Nyerere Dam and Hydropower Plant in Tanzania; Eng. Ahmed El Assar - Senior Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company and Eng. Hossam El Reefy – AC Board Member was in inspection visit to follow up the rates of the different project components. Eng. Ayman Attia – Deputy Manager of the JV explored the executive status of the project and the implementation rates in comparison with the time schedules. This was in the presence of Eng. Heba Abou El Ella – Manager of the Engineering Department for the Transportation Projects, Eng. Osama Shawkt – Project Manager of Power House, Eng. Ayman Abdou – Project Manager of the Permanent Bridge and number of the project officials. It is noteworthy that the project is carried out by the Arab Contractors Company and Elsewedy Electric Company on Rufiji River in Tanzania. The project aims at controlling the flood, generating power and preserving the environment. The project is about a main dam with total length 1025m at crest level and 134m height with a capacity to impound approximately 34 billion m3 of water. Besides, the construction of a hydropower plant with a capacity of 2115mw. The plant is located on Rufiji River in Selous Game Reserve at Morogoro area, South West of Dar es Salam (largest city and commercial capital of Tanzania). It will be the biggest plant in Tanzania with a capacity of 6307 MW/hour yearly; the generated power will be transferred by 400kv transmission lines to a substation where the generated power will be merged with the public power grid. In addition to these, the project includes the construction of 4 saddle dams for reservoir impounding of water. Besides, main spillway is located on the center of the main dam, an emergency spillway and a tunnel with a length of 660m to divert the water of the river. In addition to the construction of 3 tunnels to transfer the water to the power plant, a permanent concrete bridge and 2 temporary bridges on Rufiji River. The civil works includes the construction of temporary and permanent access roads to ease movement and linking the project components.

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