December 6, 2020

Minister of Supply and Ismailia Governor inspect Abo Sweer Grain Silos

Dr. Ali Moselhi‏ - ‏Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Major Gen. Sherif Fahmy– Ismailia ‎Governor ‎inspected the grain silos in Abo Sweer in Ismailia with storage capacity ‎30.000‏tons.‎
They were received by Eng. Ahmed Assem – Deputy Governor of Ismailia, Major Gen. Sherif Baseely – Chairman of the Holding Company for Silos ‎and ‎Storage, Eng. Sayed Farook – President and CEO of the Arab Contractors Company, Major ‎Gen. ‎Tawfeek El Shal – Vice Chairman of the Holding Company for Silos and Storage, Eng. Khaled Eissa ‎‎– ‎Member of the Executive Board, Eng. Ahmed Eissa – Head of Manufacturing Sector, Eng. ‎Mubarak Mansour – Head of Canal and Sinai Sector, Eng. Hany Hashem – Manager of Canal Branch and ‎Eng. Hany Said – Deputy Branch Manager.‎
Dr. Ali Moselhi‏ - ‏Minister of Supply and Internal Trade‎ said that the construction of these field silos was guided by a presidential directive to develop and improve the storage capacities for wheat  through a network of silos spread all over Egypt.
He pointed out that field silos have great potentials as the stock control systems, the operating system of a silo using SCADA and PLC; with the possibility of manual operation. He emphasized that the objective the field silos’ construction is to ease the path for the farmer to supply the wheat. He added that Egypt has witnessed a huge boom in storage reached 3.4 million tons. He stated that the silos contributed to producing good bread for the citizen and all these achievements were under the direction of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.
The new grain silos complex project is located in Al Mostakbal Residential City in Abo Sweer Village on Road 36 Al-Harbi. The project is built upon 5 feddans and includes ‎6‎ silos with a capacity of ‎30.000‏tons (capacity of 5000tons for each silo). It is implemented under the supervision of the Projects Department affiliated to Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces. The minister praised the efforts of the Arab Contractors Company regarding the project implementation which overcame all the challenges represented in the drying works and soil replacement. ‎

It is noteworthy that since 2014, the Arab Contractors Company ‎implemented 22 silos with a storage capacity of 1.370million tons.