October 14, 2020

Eng. Sayed Farook touring Al Shatt Road in El Qantara and Al Mostakbal Water Station in Ismailia

Eng. Sayed Farook – CEO and President of the Arab Contractors Company toured the development and sustaining works of Al Shatt Road in El Qantara Sharq. He listened to an explanation from Eng. Ashraf Ghoneim – Manager of Sinai Branch which is executing the project works. He declared that the total length of the road reaches 36km, 12.5 width, 3 lanes and its total cost is 230 million EGP.

Eng. Sayed Farook visited Al Mostakbal Water Station in Ismailia. He listened to an explanation from Eng. Hany Hashem - Manager of Canal Branch and Eng. Hany Said – Deputy Branch Manager supervising the project about its components and executive status. The capacity of the 1
st phase of the station reaches 400l/sec. (34000 m3/day).
The project includes an intake and jacking culverts 1200mm – turbid water pumping station – turbid water transmission line with 1000mm diameter and 4200m length – paddle and culvert under the railways – purification plan consisting of distribution well – 2 clarifiers – filters building – ground reservoir – filtering pumps’ building, in addition to the foundation of the 2
nd phase for 2 clarifiers and 2 ground reservoirs.

Eng. Amira Mohamed Aly – Project Manager added that the station is serving 113 thousands citizens and its cost reaches 300 million EGP for the 1
st phase.