July 14, 2020

Prime Minister inspected the alternative axis for Aswan reservoir and the River Strip

Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli visited Aswan to inspect the developmental and services projects which the Arab Contractors Company participated in its implementation, among these projects:
the alternative axis for the Aswan reservoir and New Aswan projects. He was accompanied with Major Gen. Mahmoud Shaarawy - Minister of Local Development, Dr. Hala Zayed - Health Minister, Dr. Assem El Gazzar – Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Minister, Dr. Khaled Anani - Tourism and Antiquities Minister, Major General Ashraf Attia - Aswan Governor , Major General Hossam El Din Moustafa - Head of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges, Eng. Sayed Farouk – AC Senior Vice Chairman, Eng. Ahmed El Aasar –AC Board Member, Eng. Samir Saad Allah – Member of AC Executive Board, Eng. Sayed El Ansary – Head of South Valley and Red Sea Sector, Dr. Maher Abdel Tawab – South Valley Branch Manager and Eng. Ahmed Rashad – Head of New Aswan Authority. It is a noteworthy that the Arab Contractors Company is carrying out the alternative axis for Aswan reservoir which aims to accommodate the traffic between East and West Nile and links extension of Aswan/Bernis Road with the Western Desert Road (Cairo/Aswan), it is planned to transfer the load on the body of Aswan Reservoir to the new axis in order to preserve it and reduce the passage of heavy loads. The estimated cost of the axis is 1.5 billion EGP; its total length is 4.5km, width 30m with 3 lanes in each direction. It consists of 4 main bridges (a bridge on the Nile with 676m length and 29m width which carried out by the Arab Contractors Company with a cost of 700million EGP, a bridge on the High Dam’s spillway, the bridge of the western agricultural road - the bridge of the eastern agricultural road “corniche”). In addition to the industrial works of culverts - pipes – tunnels. AC is carring out the foundation works, pillars and the bases of the bridge on the Nile. Regarding Daraw Axis on the Nile in Aswan which is carried out by the Arab Contractors Company; its cost reached 1.350 billion EGP, with a length of 18km. The width of the bridge over the Nile is 25m, the width of the other bridges’ sectors reached 21m. The project includes 10 industrial works of bridges and tunnels. The pathway of the axis from the eastern side starting with a bridge over the eastern agricultural road passing by a bridge over Al Tawaysa drainage and another bridge over Daraw lake crossing over the River Nile and Daraw drainage with a higher bridge; it is including 4 outlets and 2 stairs for serving the inhabitant. Before crossing the west of the River Nile there is a surface bridge over the Nile for the existence of an island in the middle of the Rive Nile's stream moving to a bridge over the asphalt road and a tunnel to serve the agriculture movement in the region to reach the bridge of the western agriculture road until reaching the western desert road. The project scope of works include the implementation of the bridges, industrial works, roads, electricity, rain drain and the traffic safety system. Besides, the company carries out a number of New Aswan projects with about 800 million EGP; it includes the River Strip Project which includes 66 villas the landscape works with total value 45 million EGP. It consists of road network 3500 m length – wastewater network 4100 m l – water network 6900 m l – irrigation networks 7250 m l – landscape work (interlock – cultivation – electricity) – shops (3 groups at the touristic walkway – 2 groups in the Nile garden), construction of 63 villas fully finished with total value 244 million EGP. In addition to the construction of the Second phase of the water purification plant with a capacity of 25000m3/hour in New Aswan with a value of 168.4 million EGP to increase the capacity and efficiency of the water plant in the city to reach 50000m3/hour to serve the new extensions. This was in the presence of Eng. Yasser Ahmed El Bahnasy – Deputy Branch Manager, Eng. Hashem El Madany - Deputy Branch Manager and Manager of New Aswan Projects, Eng. Ahmed Magdy – Manager of Electromechanical Works in the branch, Eng. Anas El Sagheer – Deputy Manager of Bridges Department, Eng. Hossam Abdel Qader and Eng. Moustafa Gomaa – Project Managers of the alternative axis for the Aswan reservoir and Daraw Axis.

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