May 19, 2020

In the presence of the Head and leaders of the Engineering Authority; The Arab Contractors continues works at night in El Merghany Bridge in Heliopolis

An inspection visit to El Merghany project in Heliopolis where the Arab Contractors Company under the supervision of the Engineering Authority, continues its work around the clock in the project which represents one of the governmental projects launched by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. This is within the comprehensive development and modernization plan of the Greater Cairo hubs and to facilitate the traffic movement in the different districts as Heliopolis. It is consisting of cars bridge in El Merghany street with the intersection of Al Orouba Road with a length of 550m, width of 21m and 3 lanes in each direction. The bridge represents a challenge that the Engineering Authority and the Arab Contractors Company were keen to use an innovative implementation method for the first time in Egypt after conducting the required studies and analysis to preserve the architectural style and the cultural image of the district, besides speed the completion at the same time. This method is about using precast and prestressed beams with a total number of 21 beams in “V" shape. The length of each beam varied from 40-45m and it is hollow from inside, its weight reach 210 tons. This beams is an alternative for the metal beams usually used in the large lengths; besides, it is saving 30% of the economic cost of the project. Each one is 80 tons, many cranes were used; in addition to the implementation of 72 ordinary beams in “T" shape and the load is up to 400 tons