February 9, 2020

The Prime Minister inspected the rehabilitation and upgrading works of the National Cancer Institute

Dr. Moustafa Madbouli – the Prime Minister inspected the rehabilitation and development works of the National Cancer Institute of Cairo University. He was accompanied by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar - Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht - President of Cairo University, Dr. Hatem Abul Qassem - Dean of the National Cancer Institute, Eng. Mohsen Salah - Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Emam Afify - Vice Chairman of the AC and Eng. Tarek Khader - Head of Construction and Specialized Works Sector. The Prime Minister’s tour includes huge part of the important medical building that subject to the rehabilitation project after being damaged by the terrorist incident occurred last year. He listened to an explanation about the project which started immediately after the accident and scheduled to end in June 2020 with a cost reached 100.000.000 EGP. This is to re-increase the efficiency of the headquarters which consists of number of buildings: the patients building comprising 7 floors includes the followings: operating theaters, intensive care, pediatric department, patients rooms, doctors' housing, nursing staff, administrative building and other for lectures halls, a building for pediatric clinics, early detection, pain treatment and pharmacies. The Minister of Higher Education explored the implementation phases of the project which is divided into 2 phases: the first related to the damages repair and the second phase concerning the development and upgrading works. A detailed explanation was provided about ongoing works in light of the time schedule submitted by the Arab Contractors Company for development project for the buildings of the National Cancer Institute; besides, the clarification of the actual implementation rates of the project at all its stages. He pointed out that the first phase witnesses the repairing works of the internal damages of the medical building, internal and external facades, repairing works of the damaged floors within the lectures hall building; besides the rehabilitation works of the emergency area and the main entrance. The second phase includes the removal of all the random installations in the northern and southern courtyards, the construction of a lounge for the patients and their families, the construction of alternative movement paths, clinics for early detection, pain treatment, a lounge for doctors and pharmacies. Besides, the upgrading works of the administrative buildings and the lecture hall, as well as the development of electromechanical works for the administrative building, a parking, early detection area and pain treatment. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar discussed the developments in the emergency area and the exterior yard which included the expansion of the emergency area and increasing the capacity for 18 beds instead of 12. In addition to the separation of the emergency service through the main entrance and constructing a new entrance with a ramp and a stair for the special needs people. Besides, connecting the emergency area with the inner yard, the northern building and clinics. The emergency area was developed to maximize its benefit by organizing and providing waiting areas for patients and their families with a capacity of 80 persons; organizing the movement paths, overall maintenance for the maintenance area of the civil and electromechanical works. The Prime Minister inspected the southern building of the National Cancer Institute which its construction works is ongoing; he listened to an explanation about the building. The initial cost of the building is 320 million EGP, Sheikh Sultan El Qassimy - El Sharjah Governor bearing 160 million EGP, the other 160 million EGP is a governmental financing. The building is consisting of 6 floors which include 262 beds divided into 105 beds for chemical treatment, 128 beds for patients, 6 operation theaters, 18 care rooms and 5 residence beds. Besides, a bridge connection in the building linking the clinics and the building, an integrated network of gases, a new power plant and the construction process has taken into consideration the strengthen of the columns to resist earthquakes. The Prime Minister gave his direction to intensify the work for speed completion of the building because it is the outlet for receiving patients and relieve pressure on the northern building. Regarding the developments of the main entrance area, the Dean of the National Cancer Institute explained that the rehabilitation works include the increase in the number of doors to 3, specifying the entry paths to coordinate the entry and exit process safely. In addition to electronic gates, metal detector with radiation and the creation of 2 internal security offices for the Institute and the police at the entrance to tight control of the institute’s entrance. Besides, increasing the building’s efficiency in the entrance area through structural reinforcement, building of a ticket room to deal with the public and reducing the numerical density of the entrance by removing the internal ramp and moving it to the interior parking in addition to a complete development for the civil and electromechanical works. Regarding the works of the northern building; there is a complete maintenance for 7 floors including civil work and increasing the efficiency of the electromechanical works. The external facades: the cutting and removal of the accident’s debris with a total amount 1000m2, the restoration of all the external facades, supplying, installation and finishing works were carried out for 3400m2. The development of the exterior park: the construction of a ramp for the patients and their families to maximize the medical care; an elevator in the courtyard to facilitate the movement for the patients and doctors and decrease the pressure on the existing elevators. The introduction of a digital system to organize patients’ entries and having the maximum benefit from the medical care, establishing a waiting area inside the institute with a capacity up to 400 persons, WCs and buffet to serve patients and their families. The development of the early detection and pain treatment area, the restoration of the existing metal ceils is ongoing, the construction of 2 floors for early detection, pain treatment and doctors' lounges while linking the area of early detection and pain treatment with the administrative floor. In addition to the building of a waiting hall for patients and their families with a capacity of 150 persons approximately, adding new WCs, establishing a separate entrance on the Corniche’s way and an escape exit. Regarding the developments in the library and personnel affairs; the Dean of the National Cancer Institute declared that the library is redesigned to be compatible with the institute requirements. In addition to the new firefighting system, air conditioning, alarm systems, renewal of the interior furniture for the whole floor to increase the capacity for the employers, administratives, researchers with a total 28 office for the administratives. in addition to 2 lecturing hall for the post graduates with a capacity of 50 persons equipped with state of the art audio and video systems. Regarding the development of the administrative floor; the restoration of the concrete structure is undergoing, establishing new firefighting system, central air conditioning, renovation of all the systems and networks besides the civil works in accordance with the institute’ requirements, linking the administrative floor with waiting hall for donors.