December 24, 2019

Eng. Emam Afifi and Mr. Hossam Imam discuss the cooperation with the Infrastructure Minister in Chad and following up the projects of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Guelengdeng-Bongor Road

Within the framework of discussing ways of joint cooperation, the Chadian Minister of Infrastructure – Mr. Abdel Rahman Mukhtar Mohamed met with Eng. Emam Afifi and Mr. Hossam Imam, the Vice Chairmen of the Arab Contractors Company. This was in the presence of Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk – Head of Africa Sector, Mr. Emad Ebeid – the Financial Supervisor for Africa Sector and Eng. Mohamed El Quai – Manager of Chad Branch and the Deputy Member of the Chadian Company. The Minister praised the company performance, commitment in all the works and the implementation quality. Besides, the discussion includes the new business opportunities that will be assigned for the company and another works which requires financing such as: the railways and infrastructure projects. This is within welcoming of the Arab Contractors Company’ existence in Chad for its good reputation in Africa. In addition to discussing El Awinat – Om El Jarras project in the light of the Egyptian government concern with implementing a road between Egypt and Chad to contribute in the development of the African countries. After the meeting the Vice Chairmen and their companions inspect the project of the Chadian Foreign Affairs Ministry and Guelengdeng-Bongor Road.

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