October 10, 2019

Presentation of the Arab Contractors Company Experience in seminar about Recycling Technology of Asphalt for Sustainable Road Construction

Within the framework of the ministries and governmental authorities' concern about applying the state of the art technologies in the construction and rehabilitation of roads in Egypt which witnesses a great launch regarding the construction of new roads and the expansion and re-paving of many roads. The seminar about Recycling Technology of Asphalt for Sustainable Road Construction was organized by the Association of Arab Roads and Aman Swiss Company for Equipment. The participants were: Major Gen. Maged Abdel Hamid – Assistant of the Head of the Engineering Authority for the Roads Projects, Major Gen. Hossam El Din Moustafa – Assistant Manager of the Military Engineering Department for the Roads Projects, Major Gen. Wael Moustafa – Deputy Chairman of the Roads and Bridges Authority, Major Gen. Adel Turk – Chairman of the Holding Company for Roads, Major Gen. Mahmoud Nassar – Head of the Central Agency for the Reconstruction and Eng. Alaa Abdel Aziz – Assistant of the Vice Chairman of the Urban Communities Authority. Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company pointed out that this meeting is within the framework of the ministries and governmental authorities to acknowledge and applying the modern theories in relation to the recycling of asphalt and the Arab Contractors Company through the Laboratories, Research and Development Sector in studying, researching and transfer the state of the art technology to Egypt. The participants from the Arab Contractors Company were Eng. Tarek Sakr – AC Board Member, Eng. Mofida Allam – Road Consultant of the AC and Supervisor of the Laboratories and Development Sector, Eng. Hisham El Sebaay – Assistant of the Board Member, Eng. Ashraf Attia – Head of Road Sector in the AC and a number of the experts and specialists in the field of roads. The specialists in the field of roads talked about the recycling of asphalt, maximizing the return from it and explore the theories and experiences of the other countries in this field. During her speech in the seminar, Eng. Mofida Allam presented the vision of the Arab Contractors Company and its scientific experiences in the recycling of asphalt millings. She explained that it has a very important environmental and financial return represented by providing hard currency as a result of importing the raw material of bitumen. Eng. Mofida pointed out that the Arab Contractors is leading company in the field of recycling for buildings and garbage waste and the cement dust "by-pass" as well, and using it as a fuel for the factories. She explained that the production of a new asphalt mix by using the asphalt millings in order to activate this system requires the availability of 2 factors; the first one is the mechanical equipment to operate this system, the second factor is the testing and the laboratory experiments of the final product and its accordance with the codes and standards. She emphasized that these two factors are available in the workshops and laboratories of the Arab Contractors Company. She stated that by applying this system it will save a lot of the cost of building roads especially with regard to the development projects which implemented by the government as the national project of roads and the rehabilitation of roads all over the republic; in addition to the environmental aspect of the re-use of the asphalt millings.