October 7, 2019

Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company visits Equatorial Guinea

Eng. Mohsen Salah – CEO and Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company was in a business visit for the Guinean Arab Contractors Company in Malabo. The visit started by touring the projects of the Guinean Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Mohsen inspected the projects of Riaba region which combines the following projects: the construction of asphalt roads inside a new resort, the building of a presidential villa and a factory for dairy products. The total length of the roads reached 6000m and 7m width includes main and sub roads, pavements, partitioning works and the water feeding network for the region with a total value 12 million euros. Eng. Mohsen praised the exerted efforts in the project. He was accompanied by Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk – Head of Africa Sector, Mr. Emad Ebeid –Supervisor of the Financial Sector, Eng. Alaa Amer – Deputy Member for the Guinean Arab Contractors Company and Mr. Sayed Adam – Financial Manager. On the other hand, the First Lady of Equatorial Guinea received Eng. Mohsen Salah and the company delegation. The First Lady praised the role of the Guinean Arab Contractors Company since its establishment in 2003 and contribution into the development projects; the company is still working in the Guinean market with a great appreciation from all the Guinean officials and people. Eng. Mohsen Salah headed the Board and the General Assembly meetings of the Guinean Arab Contractors Company at the headquarter in Malabo 2. He praised the exerted efforts for the company success and asked for more efforts. The Chairman concluded his visit to Equatorial Guinea by visiting the Guinean Cano Sport Club. He met with the Vice Chairman of the Guinean Football Federation and the CEO of the club; they agreed upon having a brotherhood protocol between the Arab Contractors Sporting Club and Cano Sport Club to allow cooperation, mutual visits and friendly matches between the two clubs.