September 9, 2019

The Housing Minister and Assiut Governor inspected the Road and Bridge Project of Assiut Western Plateau in Nasser City

Dr. Assem El Gazar – the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities accompanied by Major Gen. Gamal Nour El Din – Assiut Governor inspected the Road and Bridge Project of Assiut Western Plateau in Nasser City. This was in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Housing and the governorate, Eng. Sayed Farouk – Senior Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company, Eng. Tarek Saqr – AC Board Member, Eng. Mofida Allam – the Roads Consultant in the AC and Supervisor of the Laboratory and Development Sector, Eng. Samir Saad Allah – Member of the AC's Executive Board, Eng. Hossam El Nozahy – Head of Assiut and Upper Egypt Sector and Dr. Maher Abdel Tawab – Manager of Assiut Branch which is carrying out the works. Dr. Maher Abdel Tawab declared that the road extends for 22km; it is a developmental road rather than transportation axis. It is considered a civilization shift for Assiut governorate. It is providing a huge land and housing area. It consists of 3 main areas: the 1st area is 12km length starting from the airport road which is the most rugged land with desert nature; the 2nd area is 6km length along the valley to the beginning of El Seel drain in Darnka village; the 3rd with a length of 4 km which is the beginning of descending from the plateau where it extends to Assiut Ring Road and El Wasta Bridge. It consists of 4 lanes with the same width and complete traffic equipment to secure the road and is the first fully covered road with solar energy. The security and safety factors had been considered in the construction of the road from its beginning at Assiut Airport till reaching the Ring Road. The project objective is to implement an axis road starting from kilo0 In front of Assiut Airport on Assiut-Sohag road, at kilo 22 reaching to the Ring Road in front of El Wasta Bridge on the River Nile with a total cost 1.2 billion EGP.

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